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We can help you with your Gate repair needs if you live in Santa Monica, California. If you are looking for Gate spring repair in Santa Monica City call us and we will give you a walkthrough of our service specifically outlining what we can do to help you speed up the repair process. It will not cost you an arm and a leg. We are a passionate team of Gate experts. We believe that your Gates form a significant part of your home’s front façade and therefore it is important to keep it in top condition. You need to perform every practical step to keep it nice and attractive. However, you are very well aware of the many horror stories regarding unscrupulous technicians that provide a written estimate but after working on the garage turns around and charges double the amount found on the written estimate. Eliminate this problem by calling us.

Repairing Gates

Repairing overhead Gates is a tricky business. Overhead Gates operate on spring tension. The most common design enables the doors to roll up in sections by moving the doors on metal tracks. In another popular design the door swings up. In both cases the springs are critical components, providing power to move the Gate.

Simple problems call for simple solutions. If the Gate does not fold up quite easily or if it does not swing up in an effortless manner go ahead and check the metal tracks or mounting brackets. Sometimes the solution is as simple as tightening bolts or screws. But in most cases repair problems can be difficult and dangerous.

One of the most difficult garage repair issue is a broken spring. You will need a specialist to handle this type of repair problem. It is also important to know that when a spring breaks while operating the Gate, the broken piece can fly away like a projectile and hit you in the face. If you are seeking help for your broken Gate springs ask the technician to install extension-type springs that incorporate safety cables into its design to prevent a loaded spring from becoming a dangerous projectile when it breaks.

Gate Repair Santa Monica

Gate Repair Santa Monica

Gate Overhead Repair in Santa Monica

If you live in Santa Monica, California call us about your Gate overhead repair needs. If a component needs replacement we will provide high-quality parts for your convenience. But we will not just replace the springs, bolts, door hinges, rollers, and locks if these components need replacement. We will make sure that your Gate is properly serviced and makes opening the door quitter and smoother. Most Gate repair companies will tell you that they can service every major brand but they will never bother to find out if they can really fix your particular door and your door opener model. 

Look for a Gate specialist that has been in business for a long time. Since we are an established company we can honor warranties. If you want to know more about our services call our number or click here. 

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