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Santa Monica Locksmith is the company for you if you have locked yourself out of your car, home, or business or if an attempted theft or lost keys have resulted in damage to locks or compromised security. None of us has been spared the experience of a crisis related to keys and security. We understand the anxiety and stress that accompany these situations which is why we go out of our way to respond fast and to deliver the best service in order to solve your security problem and restore your peace of mind. For example, we recently had a call from a very distressed mother of two who had returned home to discover that their home had been broken into and that the thieves had done considerable damage to the lock on the back door. To make matters worse, the spare set of keys had also been taken, leaving the house and its occupants very vulnerable as criminals now had access to any of the doors and gates. 

Our technicians were there in less than twenty minutes.They listened to what had happened, examined the damaged door and all the other doors affected by the stolen keys and then they prepared a quote for the work. In this scenario, there was really no choice other than to replace or change all the locks in order to restore security to this home. A change of locks for Santa Monica Lock smith technicians is no difficulty at all. Our technicians carry a range of locks with them. When necessary, additional stock can be obtained very quickly. In this particular case, locks were selected in consultation with the homeowner and then carefully installed and checked. The homeowner also requested that we cut extra keys for two of the locks. We did this on site using our mobile key cutting unit – a tool that has come to the rescue of countless stranded customers. The fact that we can cut keys in site means that all delays in resolving these issues can be entirely avoided.

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